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Violence has a cure!

From early childhood, I believed that all things were possible, and that I could change the world. I saw my parents, grandparents and extended family create legacies with profound implications and positive impact on generations worldwide.

Unfortunately, many are not born with the resources, support, and safety I was accustomed to.

That bubble busted wide open for me on 9/11.

As a survivor of, and witness to, abominable terror, I wake up every day committed to using my resources to eradicate violence of all kinds.

The oneness I experienced in the aftermath of 9/11 is my driving force, proof that universal unity and peace are possible.

I am a strong proponent of privatization of social change, believing that we have the power to achieve the transformation and advancement we require for the collective benefit of humankind.

After watching the televised murder of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana in 2016, and befriending Jerry Levin, former CEO of Time Warner who lost his son to gun violence, I decided on gun violence as my first challenge.

That’s when I launched STOP™, a social enterprise designed to ignite the power of influence for good to connect capital, expertise, and vision with effective industry leaders.

Focused on discovering how to use my voice and resources to make a difference, I began consulting with experts, learning from givers and receivers of gun violence, and researching and monitoring gun violence in major cities.

Shortly thereafter, I became aware of Cure Violence Global, the 9th ranked NGO in the world, widely known as violence interrupters. With the strongest evidence of effectiveness for violence prevention worldwide, Cure Violence is the antidote.

Violence does, in fact, have a cure!

I was inducted onto their Board of Directors in September of 2022.

My commitment is to spread the good news that a cure to violence exists and buttress their work with social and financial resources to accelerate the healing and restore well-being to as many communities as possible.


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